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All our bikes are developed to perfection and ready to meet the highest possible needs.


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All our bikes are made from premium materials, come with premium features and stunning quality.


Ride where no man rode before


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Storing Your Vape Juice Properly

The most important and confusing question for most new vapor is which flavor to go for? You really cannot rank which flavor is best of them all. That is mainly since when it comes to flavors, it really depends on the person that is inhaling it. The choice of which flavor is the best would vary greatly from user to user. Apart from that, we as humans formulate our true opinions after experience. So, the fact is that after experiencing it for few times, it is possible that the flavor that you liked the best would be considered as only likable by you. So, to choose the best vape juice, you would have to try out most available flavor over here and then choose the one that you like the most. You can have a pick from Banana Ice, Sour Apple, Mango, Pineapple Lemonade, Strawberry, Blueberry Ice, Blue Razz, Peach Ice and Watermelon.


However, there is another question, which no one talks about and more important is how to store your vape juice


You need to take care of your e liquid really well. Your e liquid is prone to get hurt by both light and heat. Therefore, it is essential to store that liquid in a cool dark place like a fridge. The component that basically constitutes of the e liquid the PG is in reality a bactericide and a virucide. This means that it is not affected by both microorganisms that consequently mean that it will not suffer from massive degradation. But the other components that constitute of the e liquid like the VG are extremely susceptible to microorganisms and will essentially suffer from degradation. Even the flavoring can become fuzzy and tarnished if you do not store the e liquid properly. Even the nicotine suffers from great falls due to exposure to light and heat.


About the most asked question about where to store your e liquid; well the answer is that it should be store in a cool cupboard that is essentially dark and is locked so that the contents of the cupboards are not accessed by children. You can store your base liquids quite easily in such conditions for up to two years. The flavoring on the other hand will not last that long. On the other hand, the things that you are currently using should be kept in the drawer or a close by place, even a carry bag, as they would ultimately be put to quick use. Even so you should make sure that the things that you are currently using are mostly kept out of the light and heat.


You can even store the huge quantity of things in a deep freezer allowing the life of these consumable items to increase by a huge number. If you want your e liquids to last for ages, then you need to store them in glass bottles. Make sure and be careful about keeping some volume of air on the top of the liquid itself. The bottles then should be kept in two zip lock bags one inside the other to ensure that no air volume flows from inside to the outside and vice versa.


When it comes to the fridge, can the e liquid be stored successfully at all using that? Well there is no definite answer to that. Some people have had good experiences while storing e liquids in the fridge. Others have had bad results when they used a fridge as a storage place. When it comes to storing the e liquids in the bottle, then great care must be taken about the bottle that is put to use. You cannot use plastic bottles for storing e liquids. You must always use glass bottles. As plastic bottles are known to destroy the constitution of the e liquid and thus render the e liquid use less. Even after storing the e liquid in the glass bottles you must always store the bottles in containers to avoid air transgression.